Ben Tsai

🍄🧠 Puzzle Iguana

⬘ I should update my GitHub Action that backs up my Kinopio spaces so it only requests spaces that have been recently updated. This surely should reduce the amount of time this takes.

⬘ working on a feature branch, was blindly doing git pull and then git pull origin main and stuck in a cycle of resolving the same conflicts over and over again. i had pull.rebase=true and finally realized (with the help of my coworker) what was happening.

⬘ Logging is always on my mind.

⬘ Saw this on twitter, an Emoji Log ( It supports 0data.

⬘ playing around with futureland, the activity feed is fun because the community is pretty high-signal

⬘ fun underline animation for links: a really interesting post about understanding systems

Tuesday, March 30, 2021