Ben Tsai

🍄🧠 (Lace Forest)

01 My post about increasing the card width in Kinopio got me thinking about doing it locally with JavaScript.

This reminded me of an old project called dotjs by @defunkt. I looked it up, and it’s no longer maintained, but it had a pointer to a successor:

But wait, how is this different from user script extensions like Greasemonkey? And that seems straightforward because the former requires running a separate web server to serve the JS.

Now I’m using the Violentmonkey extension to run a script that adjusts the max-widths of cards to 320px. It needs some tweaks because it only runs when you first visit the space.

02 I’m trying to use Safari as my default browser, but a lot of extensions I want to try are Chrome-only. Kinda sad. So now wondering what Chrome-based browser should I use? I’ve been using Edge, but maybe I want to go with one that’s not backed by a giant company.

I used to use Brave, for some reason I stopped, but maybe it’s time to try again. I used Vivaldi for a while, but it ended up being buggy in some places. This is my low-key highly-ineffective way of sticking it to the man.

03 some kind of generative art thing

04 I wrote a script that pulls all my Kinopio data and puts it into a SQLite database so I can explore using Datasette. This is really cool and deserves a separate post.

Friday, March 19, 2021